Itay Paz | 10X Your Business | Internet Marketing Execution Strategies

Episode 15: How To Create Real Fast Results In Marketing & Business For Entrepreneurs and Business Owners – Guest: Daniel Hall

Join Itay Paz as he is hosting entrepreneur Daniel Hall discussing how to get real fast results for marketing, business and entrepreneurs. You’ll learn about the biggest challenge that business owners have when going to the online and get practical solutions on how to solve it right now.

Daniel reveals his secret sauce to get unlimited traffic with out spending a dime. Fast and powerful interview podcast.


Itay Paz | 10X Your Business | Internet Marketing Execution Strategies

Episode 14: How To Negotiate Like A Pro – Guest: Jeff Schwarz, The Liquidator

In this amazing episode, Itay Paz is joined by the best negotiator in the world, Jeff Schwarz, The Liquidator. Jeff is the owner of Direct Liquidation, a huge liquidation company in Canada and is the start of the real life reality show The Liquidator where it is all about his life and business as a liquidator.

Jeff Schwarz shares his tactics in how to create a win-win situation every time he buys or sell, the psychology of how to get into people’s mind and be the best poker face player.

Learn how to live the entrepreneur life with the rush of success and the lows of failing of managing a multi-million dollars business and what is the future of the retail in the online industry looking at Amazon & Walmart.

This high speed episode is full with tips, ideas, great educational stories and fun with practical examples.