Itay Paz | 10X Your Business | Internet Marketing Execution Strategies

Episode 07: Achieving Great Results With YouTube Video Marketing For Businesses Guest: Brian G. Johnson

Itay Paz is hosting veteran internet entrepreneur, Brian G. Johnson talking about the power of YouTube video marketing for businesses and his business strategies towards getting to 25,000 YouTube subscribers in a single year using nothing but free strategies.

Brian shares his best practice to achieve great results faster than ever and how to get real fast results for marketing, business and entrepreneurs.

Discover how Brian delivers an engaging content and what are the 2 most important elements that actually determine the results you will get from each video you are uploading to YouTube.


Itay Paz | 10X Your Business | Internet Marketing Execution Strategies

Episode 06: How To Use Information Products To Generate Paying Customers

It is already a done fact that people are searching for information and the question most business owners asking themselves: “Are Information Products The Right Thing For My Business”. Join this special podcast as Itay Paz is talking about how to use information products to generate paying customers for your business. Learn about information products, who is it for, how you can pack and deliver powerful information and the types of information products you can create.

Itay will dive into details, sharing with you the advantages and disadvantages of the different information products types and how to use them the right way to boost your business results.